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We both come from professional singing backgrounds and met in 2015 whilst performing in a concert together and instantly became lifelong friends.

After performing various shows together, we decided we wanted to share our enjoyment of singing and performing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We recognised that singing is something that is fun and enjoyable, and is an excellent way to build confidence and make friends!!

We pounded the streets with flyers we had made up and booked a rehearsal space in a local village hall. Neither of us knew what to expect at our first session, whether anyone would even show up! Thursday evening, and 6.15 came, we could barely breath we were so nervous. We opened the doors and in they poured. The rest as they say, is history.

We had our first performance in December with only 3 months rehearsal. 40 terrified choir members reluctantly made their way on to the stage with us, the music started and off we went. Two hours later they left the stage feeling like rock stars. Job done.

We both felt so proud and happy with what they had all achieved it inspired us to open other choirs around West Sussex.

Something that neither of us expected was the amount of friendships that have been made over the years. The sense of community and support for everyone is incredible. Encore is not just for singing, its about friendships, confidence building mental well-being and has changed some of our members lives, something we are both very proud of.

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